The Silver Bomb

By | 10 January 2017

The Silver Bomb The Silver Bomb Is Not A Book About Some Predictive Financial Philosophy, But Rather A Frank, No Excuses Glimpse At The Current State Of Things, And An Honest, Candid, Look At Logical OutcomesThe Prestidigitations Of Central Banking, Which Have Until Recently Been Shielded From Scrutiny By A Cloak Of Pro Banking Cultural Bias, Are Laid Bare Within These Pages Intimidating And Complex Financial And Historical Connections, No Matter How Deep Down The Rabbit Hole They First May Seem To Be, Are Plainly Exposed By The Application Of Good Strong Light And Close Inspection Formerly Unquestioned Fiat Currency Money Backed By Nothing And Fractional Reserve Banking Policies And Their Inevitable And Historical Results Are Brought Out In The Open And RevealedThe Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction World Of Manipulation Of The Precious Metals Markets Is Opened Up So That All May See Inside The Focus Of This Book Is Not To Persuade Anyone That All Of This Has Happened, Or That It Continues To Happen What Is Revealed Here Is That It Is Occurring In Conjunction With Other Events Of Human History To Create A Never Seen Before Event The Inevitable Explosion Of The Silver Bomb And Most Importantly, Practical Actions And Solutions Are Offered Which Will Help The Reader Prepare For What Is Already Upon The Horizon, The End Of Paper Money Backed By Nothing, And The Return To Metal As MoneyIn These Fiscally Turbulent Days, Many Investment Direction Seekers Are Looking Precisely For The Information Contained In This Book To Help Them In Their Understanding Of What Happened To The Dollar, What Is Currently Happening To Silver And To Gold, And How To Hedge The Smart Way

  • ebook
  • 186 pages
  • The Silver Bomb
  • Michael MacDonald
  • English
  • 10 January 2017