Leadership (Leadership Influence Project and Team Book 1)

By | 26 November 2018

Leadership (Leadership Influence Project and Team Book 1) Smart Concise Empowering An Bestseller NEW 3rd Edition Leadership Building Highly Effective Teams Is A Breakthrough Practical Guide To Creating Powerful Teams Updated Advanced Edition Includes A REAL, Nowhere Else Found, Trainer Step By Step Two Day Workshop Description The Ongoing Challenges Of Creating The Magical Bond Between Team Members In Small And Big Endeavors Can Be Elusive What , In The Last Few Decades It Has Become Increasingly Challenging, Since We Have Been Moving From Emphasis On Social Skills And Communities To Technical And Managerial Skills, As A Result The Lore Concerning The Magic Of Teams Has Been Lost Leadership Building Highly Effective Teams, Provides You With The Much Needed Practical Advice On How To Create An Effective Collaborative Team Environment You Will Learn To Identify The Characteristics, Challenges And Opportunities Of Leading Virtual Teams Define Key Strategies For Leading Effective Virtual Teams Recognize What Virtual Team Members Need And Expect From Virtual Team Leaders Employ Key Techniques To Build Trust Effectively Apply Technologies For Working On A Virtual Team.Content Leadership The Nine Must Haves Of Teams Leadership Case Study Leadership Communication In High Performance Teams Leadership Behaviors In A Highly Effective Team Leadership And Much Praise For Leadership Building Highly Effective Teams I Am Researching Virtual Team Performance Since 2008 And Michael S Book Is An Excellent Quick Start Guide For Any Leader Of A Virtual Team Using Story Telling Methodology And Just Giving The Right Amount Of Theoretical Information Blended With Hands On Advice Makes This Guide Easy To Read The Transfer Of The Wisdom Of The Book On Real Virtual Teamwork Is Possible A Must Read For Every Member Of A Virtual Team.Ralf Friedrich, President, Coaching Center Dieburg, GeProS Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed If You Purchase Leadership Building Highly Effective Teams, So Scroll Up And Click The Buy Button Now

  • Kindle Edition
  • 169 pages
  • Leadership (Leadership Influence Project and Team Book 1)
  • Michael Nir
  • 26 November 2018