It Happened To Me

By | 26 October 2017

It Happened To Me I Was Born In New Zealand In The S And As A Young Child I Suffered Sexual Abuse At The Hands Of My Father And Grandfather This Abuse Had A Profound Effect On Me In Many Ways I Was A Bed Wetter Until I Was Years Of Age, Had Trouble Forming And Maintaining Close Relationships, And Also Went On To Develop Mental Illness When My First Child Amy Was Born I Suffered From Post Partum Psychosis I Had Than A Dozen ECT Electric Shock Treatments When Her Father And I Separated When She Was Five I Had Another Mental Breakdown And Was Diagnosed With Bipolar Again I Had To Have ECT Then Amy Was Diagnosed With Leukaemia At The Age Of Nine, And Because I Was Separated From Her Father It Was A Very Stressful Time, Not Only During Her Illness, But Also In Her Tragic Death This Is The True Unadultered Story Of My Life

  • Kindle Edition
  • It Happened To Me
  • Tracy Mulgrew
  • 26 October 2017