Arianna Pendragon

By | 10 July 2017

Arianna Pendragon Arianna, A Young Vampire, Joins Her Master In Seeking The Aid Of The Dragons Whose Princess Resides In The Small Kingdom Of Sithein In Ireland The Southern Alliance, A Group Of Three Other Families, Seek Their Destruction, And It Will Take The Magic And Power Of The Dragons If They Are To Stand Any ChanceCaedmon, The Only Son Of Sithein S High Councilor, Is Drawn To Arianna Not Knowing Who And What She Is Arianna Finds Herself Falling For Him Despite Their Many DifferencesWhen The Princess Fiona Is Kidnapped, All Signs Point To The Pendragon Family Now Arianna Must Make A Choice Will She Turn Her Back On Her Family And Help Return The Princess To Her Home Or Will She Betray The Only Ones Who Have Ever Offered Her Protection And The Man She Is Coming To Love

  • 304 pages
  • Arianna Pendragon
  • Lesley Speller
  • English
  • 10 July 2017