Andy Warhol

By | 06 January 2018

Andy Warhol With A Sleight Of Hand, Andy Warhol Redefined The Boundaries Of Painting, Sculpture And Film The Assembly Line Effect Of His Machine Made Images Allowed Warhol To Fix The Viewer S Gaze On Mass Culture, Closing The Gap Between Art And Life, Bringing The Old Hierarchies Of Art To A Collapse But Who Was The Man Behind The Public Pose The Factory Was Driven By Sexual Experimentation And The Obsessive Pursuit Of Beauty, But The Figure At Its Centre Somehow Remained Apart His Inherent Discomfort With Physical Intimacy And His Perpetual Place Outside The Art Establishment Meant That Warhol Would Observe But Never Engage, That He Wanted To Be Seen, But Was Never Discovered Based On Extensive Interviews And Insights From Those Who Knew Him Best, Andy Warhol Disentangles The Myths Of Warhol Fraught With Contradictions From The Man He Truly Was, And Offers A Vivid, Entertaining, And A Detailed, Insightful Chronicle Of His Rise, As Well As A Critical Examination Of Warhol S Most Important Works Tony Scherman Has Been Contributing Editor For Life And Written About Art And Music For The New York Times And Rolling Stone Amongst Many Others He Is An Aware Winning Author David Dalton Was Founding Editor Of Rolling Stone And Has Co Authored Numerous Biographies Including Jim Morrison And The Autobiography Of Marrianne And Faithfull.

  • Andy Warhol
  • Tony Scherman, David Dalton
  • English
  • 06 January 2018