The Zubot Master (Time Slip, #1)

By | 05 December 2019

The Zubot Master (Time Slip, #1) Year Old Connor Is About To Find Out That His Future Will Involve His Greatest Dream Designing And Building Brilliant Robots The Problem Is That His Future Creations Have Come Back In Time To Protect Him From The Threat Of The Killbots, But Now They Need HIS HelpThe Killbot Master Wants To Take Over The World, But He Knows That The Key To Doing It Easily, Is To Stop Connor Becoming The Zubot MasterAs The Zubots Hunt For The Killbot That Is Hunting For Connor, He Finds Himself Having To Hide The Truth From His Parents, Which Means Placing Himself In Even TroubleThe First Book In A Science Fiction Series Aimed At Young Readers Aged , Or Advanced Younger Readers

  • Kindle Edition
  • 265 pages
  • The Zubot Master (Time Slip, #1)
  • J. Bryden Lloyd
  • English
  • 05 December 2019