Scrambled Babies

By | 18 August 2018

Scrambled Babies Oh, My God This Isn T My Baby Paeton McPhilomy Was On A Jet Headed For Los Angeles With Her Two Girls, Six Years And Three Months Old She Had Rushed To The Restroom To Change Her Little Girl Whose Cry Had Sounded Unfamiliar She Attributed The Strangeness To Being In A Pressurized Cabin Thirty Thousand Feet In The Air She Had Just Pulled Off The Blanket Covering Her Baby Girl When She Realized This Infant Wasn T Hers The Amazing Thing Was That To A Stranger, This Baby Could Have Passed As Hers They Could Be Twins To Unfamiliar Eyes When Paeton Opened The Diaper, Another Big Shock Paeton Beheld Male Genitalia Her Baby Was A Girl A Jarring Cry Escaped Her Lips The Infant S Wide Eyes Popped Wider In Response How Could Paeton, Candidate For Mom Of The Year, Lose Track Of Her Baby And End Up Flying To LA With The Wrong Child You Won T Believe How This Uncanny Mixup Becomes Entangled And Stressful With One Zany Incident After Another Lots Of Humor, Some Pain, Suspense, And Tender Romance Await You As You Wonder How Things Go From Bad To Worse To

  • Kindle Edition
  • 249 pages
  • Scrambled Babies
  • Babe Hayes
  • English
  • 18 August 2018