The Power of Sound

By | 24 August 2017

The Power of Sound Edmund Gurney 1847 88 Is Today Best Known For His Work On Psychical Research, But From A Young Age He Harboured The Ambition To Be A Composer And Performer Frustrated In This Aim, He Began Writing On The Philosophy And Psychology Of Music This Work Of 1880 Was An Attempt To Apply A Strictly Scientific Method Of Enquiry To Music, And It Is Regarded As One Of The Most Important And Original Treatises From The Nineteenth Century On Musical Aesthetics Gurney Discusses The Sensations Of Pleasure And Pain In Relation To The Senses, And Goes On To Examine How The Listener Differentiates Between Noises And Tones He Explores Whether There Is An Elemental Difference Between A Good And A Bad Melody, The Ultimate Futility Of The Critic Trying To Describe Music, And The Moral Conclusion To Be Drawn From A Preference For The Music Of Rossini Over That Of Beethoven.

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  • The Power of Sound
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  • 24 August 2017